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SDAA Offers $5,000 Reward
in Animal Abuse Case

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Our message to La Jolla
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Encinitas and Solana Beach City Councils Adopt
Hot Car Warning Signs.

Support our new campaign to protect children and animals.

Dogs in Parked Cars -
A Very Bad Idea!

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Welcome to San Diego Animal Advocates

dolphin pens

Join us at the Navy Dolphin Rally on Oct. 22nd from 10am-1pm!
WHERE: San Diego @ Harbor Dr Bridge next to Spanish Landing across from San Diego Airport.
Rally event on facebook:

Watch the Navy Dolphin Gitmo Rally Promo Video here>


Support the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act H.R.3084

SDAA Contributes to Reward Offer
in Parrot Killing Cases>

New CA Law Protects Good Samaritans Who Rescue Pets Left in Hot Cars
Read more about AB 797

Watch the trailer here
The screening will be at the Landmark Theater in Hillcrest, Thursday, August 18th at 7pm - tickets are $15.00 per person. Proceeds over expenses of the screening will be donated to the Nonhuman Rights Project.

$2K Reward Offered in Illegal Raccoon Trapping Case in Tecolote Canyon Park

SeaWorld Announces End of Captive Orca Breeding

Director of Orca Network, Howard Garrett on the SeaWorld announcement. Watch now!

In the face of California's severe ongoing drought, it's time to finally make the connection between animal-based diets and devastating water shortages. 47% of California's water footprint is associated with meat and dairy (Pacific Institute), despite the fact that vegetarian diets require half the water (UNESCO) and each person eating a vegan diet saves 600 gallons of water per day (National Geographic). Help others make this urgent connection! Restaurant signs, lawn signs, and informative factual leaflets are available at

Sea lion shootings spike in San Diego: Read the UT article here.

San Diego Animal Advocates is offering a reward in the amount of two thousand dollars for information leading to arrest and conviction in the matter of local sea lion shootings and woundings. Click here for more information.

SDAA is dedicated to eliminating animal abuse, neglect and exploitation through education, community involvement and direct action. Our concept of compassion extends to all animals – domestic and wild, captive and free. We encourage putting a compassionate philosophy into practice in our lives by adopting a vegan diet and using cruelty-free products.

Click here for a great "Why Vegan?" video.

Contact SDAA by e-mail at
For more information, please call our 24 hour information hotline: (760) 632-8638

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