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SDAA is also a member of the Save Wild Elephants coalition, formed in response to the San Diego Zoological Society's importation of wild African elephants. The Coalition fought the import in federal court, and continues to be a voice for the protection of elephants and their habitat, recognizing that captivity is not conservation. Coalition members include the Born Free Foundation, In Defense of Animals, Animal Protection Institute, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and the Elephant Sanctuary, among others.

SDAA has endorsed The Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act (HR 1549 / S 619) which seeks to address the overuse of antiobiotics in animal agriculture. For more information visit the website of the Union of Concerned Scientists.


Animal Abuse and Human Violence: The Connection

Have you ever seen a child chase a squirrel up a tree in a park, or run after a bird on the ground hoping to see it fly up into the sky? Have you ever seen a child cut off a lizard’s tail, pull a cat’s whisker or throw a stone at a dog in a yard? How do you know when such acts are simply a result of childhood curiosity or misguided playfulness, or when they are done with the intent to injure or out of deliberate malice? Does it matter? Absolutely! Can these behaviors serve as signs of deeper, serious issues? Could there be a connection between abuse to animals and violence to humans? Absolutely!

Research and real-life scenarios have demonstrated a link between children who are violent to animals, and domestic violence, child abuse and criminal activities.

You and others can learn more about this life threatening matter by attending or scheduling a free presentation with topics that include potential signs of future problems among the populations discussed as well as the different types of animal abuses and their consequences. Also learn about statistics and case studies of children abusing animals and adults abusing children and other adults, and ways to prevent or intervene in these situations. The presentation is appropriate for adults, professionals working with families, children, animals or in related areas, students in high school and above, teachers and professors, community members, and others who want to help to stop the cycle of abuse to animals and humans. The presenter, Jayne Reinhardt, MPH, is an SDAA Board member, health educator and community organizer, and an animal welfare advocate. She has provided this presentation to such groups as community coalitions addressing domestic violence and child abuse as well as nursing, seminary and social work students and professionals.

Be Aware, Be Informed
By knowing the signs of animal and human abuses, you can save the lives of innocent victims or prevent a catastrophic situation from occurring.

Schedule A Presentation

For more information or to schedule a presentation, please call: SDAA (760) 632-8638.

Click here for an excellent article exploring the causes and effects of violence toward animals.

Coyote Classes

Coyote season is almost here. SDAA offers educational materials and speakers to area homeowners' associations and community groups. We will soon begin public screenings of the new documentary, "Still Wild At Heart" which examines the urban coyote. This documentary film is available for community group viewing. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a presentation.

Letters to the Editor

Writing letters to the editors of area newspapers and magazines is a very effective way to get the message out about the importance of respecting animal rights. SDAA submits letters and opinion columns to many local and national publications. Contact us if you would like assistance in writing your own letters and for a list of local newspapers.

Captivity is Not Conservation

SDAA believes that the appropriate relationship between people and wild animals should be one of distance. Animals are almost never served by captive display, and we challenge the notion that captivity promotes conservation. True conservation protects habitat, whereas captive display facilities pretend their captives are "ambassadors for the wild," yet do virtually nothing to conserve wild habitat. SDAA conducts educational demonstrations and leafleting at SeaWorld, the Zoo and Wild Animal Park to shed light on what goes on behind the scenes and to counter the relentless advertising by these venues.

For data on the lifespan of whales in captivity, click here.


SDAA has a long history of opposition to animal research. Currently we are working with the national watchdog group,
Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN) in an effort to require federally funded laboratories to report accurately on the
conditions in their animal labs. Primate brain mapping experiments abound in the laboratories on La Jolla's "Gory Crimes Road" and at nearby Salk Institute. SDAA will continue to expose cruel experiments and educate the public about the realities of vivisection. We often schedule events during World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week in April of each year. For more information and shocking statistics visit the SAEN website at

May 18, 2016 Statement from the Physicians Committee on Johns Hopkins University Eliminating the Use of Animals in Medical Training

4/24/2008: Salk Institute Conceals Suffering in Fraudulent USDA Report Scientists concur: pain
and distress misrepresented
... download release here


SDAA encourages everyone to adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle. We echo PETA's motto that "Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment." SDAA's cookbook, "The Voracious Vegan" sold out, and we would like to publish Volume Two, "The Very Voracious Vegan" as we have many excellent recipes to share. Click here to get a copy of the Vegetarian Starter Kit.

Click here to read the Union Tribune article "Can eating less meat save California?"

Click here to read an eye-opening interview filmmaker Robert Kenner, producer of "Food, Inc."

Click here for a great "Why Vegan?" video.

Click below to download a copy of "Reason to be Vegan"
May 2006
July 2006


Because of our warm climate, fur wearers are much less common in San Diego than in other cities, but it's still here just the same! Department stores sell furs and fur trimmed items and boutiques often have fur novelties. SDAA participates in the Fur Free Friday campaign, traditionally held on the day after Thanksgiving, the biggest shopping day of the year. We try to find unique ways to send the message and keep exposing the cruelty hidden in fur production.

Spay and Neuter

SDAA is a strong supporter of spay and neuter programs. We work cooperatively with the many agencies and organizations in the San Diego area that focus exclusively on companion animal issues. See our Resources page for contact information on spay/neuter groups.

Animals in Entertainment

SDAA has been a vocal opponent of rodeos and circuses, among other forms of "entertainment" at the animals' expense. We successfully persuaded the Poway City Council to adopt an ordinance requiring the presence of a veterinarian at all rodeo performances and to abolish the use of the cattle prod in non-emergency situations. Along with Last Chance for Animals, San Diego Chapter, we also successfully abolished circuses and similar displays in the city of Encinitas. SDAA has been present with leaflets, picket signs and body screen tv images at every performance of Ringling Bros circus for the last several years, and clearly more and more of the public are seeing the light, as the attendance drops dramatically each year.

Click here to see SDAA's undercover rodeo footage from 2006 which was featured prominently on area news channels.

Click here to learn more about the plight of animals in Ringling Bros. circus.

Click here to read a dolphin trainer's analysis of SeaWorld's
problems with dolphin (including orcas) attacks on trainers.

Click here for a video on the latest on orca captivity.

Click here for a revealing look at horse racing abuses.

Save the Seals

SDAA has been involved for a number of years in ongoing efforts to protect the unique harbor seal rookery at Casa Beach in La Jolla. We prepared and distributed educational materials including brochures, fliers, newspaper and radio advertisements, as well as conducted demonstrations and spoke to legislative bodies about the issue. We have paid for security guards when needed and SDAA supporters volunteered at the beach to help educate tourists about the importance of letting the seals rest on the beach undisturbed.

Click here to read a scholarly analysis of the history of Casa Beach and the harbor seals by IFAW attorney Henry Mark Holzer.

See what visitors say about the seals. Click here

Click here for an article from Patrick Lee Hord II.






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