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Art for Animals

Local artists are donating their work to raise funds for San Diego Animal Advocates. Watch this page for more art in the coming months.

"Happy Companions" notecards with matching envelopes.
Set of 8 (4 of each design) $18.00
(tax and mailing included).

Please send a check and mailing address to SDAA, Box 230135, Encinitas, CA 92023. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.

Many thanks to Sheila Lawton for her wonderful designs. To see more work by Sheila visit her website:


a. Pacific Harbor Seal Pup at Sunset
b. Casa Beach and the Pacific Harbor Seals
Newborn Harbor Seal at Casa Beach

Archival pigment prints on fine art paper by Norm Olson.
Size: Matted to either 16x20 or 20x24.
$250.00 includes packaging and mailing costs.
Copyright notice will not appear on the final prints. They
will be signed by the artist.

Norm Olson has been a photographer since the early 1970’s. He has photographed weddings and rock concerts, worked on publications when he was in college, worked as a photographer for a convention and visitors’ bureau, exhibited his work in area galleries, and he does professional printing for art exhibits. Norm was strongly influenced by his ecology education in college and in graduate school. He is a professional biologist and he takes images of viruses with an electron microscope.

Norm moved to San Diego almost six years ago. He was dismayed that there was a danger that a natural, ecological community, the La Jolla - Casa Beach seals were in danger of being destroyed by individuals who had no concern for the animals. Since that time he has photographed the new seal pups every spring and he has donated over 800 photo cards, as well as other images, to the cause, with all of the proceeds going to save the seal colony. Norm specializes in photographing the seals, flowers, and landscapes.

Please send a check and mailing address to SDAA, Box 230135, Encinitas, CA 92023. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.


Picture created and donated by Grace Dessert of La Jolla, age 10. SDAA is using Grace's Colorful Cat on donation acknowledgement cards.

"Reunited - La Jolla Harbor Seals" by Linda Kelson
36 x 60 inches on thick canvas, oil and oil pastels.

This painting has been sold!

Star Attraction
"Star Attraction" by Linda Kelson
48 x 60 inches on thick canvas, oil and oil pastels. $1200.00
Wiley The Trickster (7K)

"Wiley the Trickster" by Linda Kelson. Size: 36 x 48 inches.
This painting has been sold!

Linda Kelson was born in Boston , Mass and attended the Art Institute of Boston. She obtained her degree in Fine Arts from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She has been painting and selling her work in San Diego since 1983. Her preferred subjects are animals, people and abstract landscapes. But the real subject of each piece is always color. The color of each work is used not only to express the personality of the subject and the emotional content of the story, but is used to evoke specific feelings from the viewer. "I love to experiment with the way colors interact with each other - the way they can change each other, and the way they can change the way we feel about something." Most of the works are on canvas and in oils. Although many utilize mixed media combining oil paint with oil pastels and metal leaf. Linda and her husband have been active animal rights activists for many years. All of the proceeds from her current series of animal paintings are being donated to San Diego Animal Advocates.


Contact SDAA by e-mail at
For more information, please call our 24 hour information hotline: (760) 632-8638
Box 230135, Encinitas, CA 92023 • Phone/Fax (760) 632-8638 •