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Heat Kills

SDAA is working to educate the public about the danger of leaving children and animals, most commonly dogs, inside parked vehicles during warm, hot, and/or sunny weather.  It is well documented that the temperature can rise rapidly in a closed vehicle even with windows open a few inches.  Every year we read the sad stories reporting the deaths of children and companion animals from being left inside parked vehicles, and their deaths are horrific.  The suffering is tremendous as their bodies heat up, they gasp for air, and organs begin to fail.  Members of the public are often resistant to hearing this information, believing that the partially opened windows are sufficient.  Because we are seeing an increased number of animals left in parked vehicles, SDAA is partnering with the national organization, Red Rover, to help get the word out to the public at an upcoming tabling event.  SDAA has also purchased bumper stickers and parking lot signs that warn people about the danger to the occupants of the vehicle and also about the associated legal risks.

The bumper stickers and parking lot signs were designed by Paola Potts, who made certain that the signs were in compliance with the City of San Diego sign ordinance.  She has made these designs available for reproduction and use by any non-profit organization that requests to use them.

Thanks to Paola’s hard work in locating sponsors and locations for the signs, we are happy to report that Ace Parking has agreed to place 17 of these warning signs in their various outdoor parking lots in the city of San Diego.  SDAA has sponsored the placement of 10 of the signs and we are very grateful to the other individuals and organizations that agreed to sponsor the remaining 7.  As we go forward we will be looking for additional locations for sign placement and asking for additional sponsors.  Please assist us by asking businesses that you frequent if they would be willing to install one of the parking lot signs and/or sponsor a sign, and then forward the contact information to us.  It is imperative that these signs be posted in as many parking lots as possible to maximize the impact. 



We are very pleased that San Diego Pets Magazine has begun to advertise the “Heat Kills” campaign, helping greatly to insure its success, and we thank them for their support of this effort to protect children and animals.

We can save lives by taking part in this campaign and urging more businesses to make the responsible decision to help educate their patrons.  For detailed information on the dangers of hot cars, visit the Red Rover website at and check out their “My Dog is Cool” program. 

Anyone wishing to order bumper stickers may contact us by phone at (760) 632-8638 or by email at

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NFL player Tryann Mathieu for PETA shows us what happens when left in a hot car.

Sol-N-Air, Inc.:


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